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Latest lost and found pets:

Walton-on-Thames area


Black and white Domestic short-haired cat

Molesey Avenue, Molesey, West Molesey KT8 2EU, UK

29 January 2020

Ilford area


Black Domestic short-haired cat

Thorold Road, Ilford, UK

29 January 2020

Maryport area


Dark grey and white cat

Gavel Street, Maryport CA15 8AW, UK

28 January 2020

Watford area

[name witheld]

Tortoiseshell & white cat

Chenies Way, Watford WD18 6UW, UK

27 January 2020

Clacton-On-Sea area


Black/White Domestic long-haired cat

Oxford Crescent, Clacton-on-Sea CO15 3PZ, UK

27 January 2020

Watford area

[name witheld]

Tortoiseshell & white cat

Chenies Way, Watford WD18 6UW, UK

27 January 2020

Oxford area


Grey Domestic short-haired cat

Capel Close, Oxford OX2 7LA, UK

27 January 2020

Warlingham area

[name witheld]

Apricot Chihuahua (smooth coat) dog

Lusted Hall Lane, Tatsfield, Westerham TN16 2NP, UK

26 January 2020

Hitchin area


Black and white Domestic short-haired cat

Latchmore Close, Hitchin SG4 9DE, UK

26 January 2020

Longbenton area


Ginger and white Domestic short-haired cat

Daylesford Drive, Newcastle upon Tyne NE3 1TW, UK

26 January 2020

Dagenham area

[name witheld]

Gold Cocker Spaniel dog

Bluebird Lane, Dagenham RM10 9HA, UK

26 January 2020

Goole area

26 January 2020
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The posters were great. The flyers were the best and the doors I knocked said they would keep the flyers with the phone number on. The people who found her rang because of the flyer delivered to them that afternoon! I would not have had her back so quickly if it hadn’t been for the flyers and our effort to get round as many houses as possible. Thank you so much.
Tanya, Romsey - Owner of Luna the cat
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How it works:

You tell us that your pet is missing

Register your pet as missing and we'll log it in our database and create a dedicated, search-engine optimised, mobile friendly web page for your pet that contains key details about your pet, where it was last seen and how to contact you.

Our searchable, localised database of lost and found pets is publicly accessible 24/7, so if anyone finds your pet - they can find your details and get in touch.

We spread the word in your local area

In addition to listing your missing pet on the internet, we send your missing pet report out any organisations that might come into contact with your pet. Vets, rescue centres, animal charities and local authorities who are signed up to our PetWatch™ Alerts in your area will all be alerted.

We also have thousands of PetWatch™ Volunteers who will keep a look out for any pets we tell them about in the local area.

We send you printable posters & flyers*

A great deal of pets are reunited with their owners thanks to the internet, but it's equally important to get the word out on the streets in your neighbourhood with posters and flyers.

Sometimes it's hard to know what details to include on a lost pet poster - and it can be even harder if you're in a panic. We can take care of it all for you and email a poster and a flyer direct to your inbox for you to print out.

* Posters and flyers are available with our VIP and VIP Plus listings. See our Pricing page for more information...

How we help:

When a pet goes missing, it's usually somewhere within the local area. So it's important to spread the word as quickly as possible both in your local area and online. And we can help you with both.

Email alerts to local vets and volunteers

We will send an email alert with your missing pet's details to vets, rescues and volunteers in your area within 1 hour of your report being approved.

Instant posters and flyers

You need to get out there and spread the word in you neighbourhood, so we can create ready-made posters and flyers for you and email them directly to your inbox ready for you to print at home and distribute straight away.

Search engine visibility for your missing pet

We will create a search engine optimised dedicated web page for your missing pet with a photo, location map and all the key details about your pet. Search engines crawl the website everyday and our pages rank very highly in Google.

Protect your phone number

It's a sad fact there are some nasty people out there and publishing your phone number on the internet might mean you start getting unwanted phone calls. We can provide you with a disposable phone number that routes calls and texts invisibly to your phone. We publish this phone number online instead of yours.

Single point for Social Media

Social Media has proven to be very effective way to spread the word about your missing pet, but it can be chaotic and unorganised. We provide you with links to share your missing pet report easily on social media. Having a single point of contact to share means people will always be able to reach you.

Database of thousands of missing pets

You can search our database of lost and found pets in your area anytime, 24 hours a day. Sometimes a pet can be transported out of the local area, so you can search the whole country too.

Find a report by reference number

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We're growing

Until mid 2017, we operated a lost and found pet service just for Oxfordshire, but now we've expanded our missing pet service to the whole of the UK.

Here's a list of all the counties that we're currently active in:

London Boroughs: