Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers to the most commonly asked questions on Pets Reunited:

User Registration and Accounts questions

How do I register for an account?

It's really easy to register for your free account. Just visit or click the button below and complete the registration form.

Also, if you have a Facebook, Google, Twitter or Instagram login you can use it to create your Pets Reunited account.

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I've forgotten my password, what should I do?

If you've forgotten your password, you can request a password reset email. Click the button below to visit the page:

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I signed up to receive PetWatch™ Alerts but I can't login to my account. Why is that?

When you sign up to receive our PetWatch™ Alerts your email address and postcode gets added to our mailing list. We don't create a full Pets Reunited account for you at that point.

To create an account you need to register by providing more information such as a username and password.

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I have an Animal Finders account from a while ago. Can I log in with that?

Yes, when we moved from Animal Finders to Pets Reunited, we ported over all the user data, so your old Animal Finders login should still work.

Report questions

I've lost my pet, what do I do?

If you've lost your pet firstly - try not to panic. A great deal of pets turn up by themselves within a few hours. Some pets need a little more help to find the way home and that's where we can help

Once you've created your free account with us, you need to tell us about your pet. We have a structured process for reporting a missing pet to ensure that we get all the necessary information from you. Get started by clicking the button below:

Report a missing pet now

How do I tell you that my pet has come home?

If you've been reunited with your pet, or you need to close your report for any other reason, you can do so from within My Account > My Reports. Any reports you have are listed there.

Find the report you wish to close and click the button with the spanner icon then select 'Close report' from the pop-up menu.

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Can I change the phone number on my report?

Yes you can! Find your report in My Account > My Reports and click the button with the spanner icon to reveal a menu.

Select 'Edit phone number' from the menu then follow the instruction in the pop up window.If your report has downloadable poster or flyers, then you'll be able to request updated versions of these too.

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I've found a stray animal. Do I report it as a lost pet or a found pet?

If you've found a stray pet, please register it as a FOUND pet. It's likely that its owner is looking for it, so it's important that we get the details up and online as soon as possible.

Report a FOUND pet now

I made a mistake when creating my report. How do I change it?

We're currently working on the functionality to enable you to edit a report that's been published. So, if there's any details you want to change, please get in touch via email to moc.detinuerstep@olleh and we'll make the necessary changes for you.

How long will you list my missing pet for?

Your pet will remain listed on our website until you remove it. We'll send an email reminder every now and again to see if there's been any news.

In some cases, a missing pet has been reunited after several years away, so it's important that you only close your report if your pet has been found or there's been some other development that means the listing is no longer needed.

Number Protection questions

What is a Protected Number?

When you register your pet as missing with us, you can opt-in to our Number Protection Add-on. We provide you with a new, disposable phone number that is displayed in place of your personal phone number - here on the website and on any poster and flyers that we might create for you. Our system will redirect calls and SMS messages to you without ever revealing your real phone number.

You can block nuisance callers from calling again and when you close your report we disconnect your Protected Number so you don't get any more calls.

You can also use your Protected Number to make outbound calls and reply to incoming SMS message without revealing your phone number.

How to I change the target number on for my Protected Number?

To change the destination number that calls are routed through to, go to My Account > My Protected Numbers where you'll see your Protected Number listed. If you have more than one Protected Number be sure to check that you've got the right one.

Then, click the Change link beneath the existing destination number and enter the desired phone number into the box that pops up.

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Can Protected Numbers receive text messages?

Yes. Any SMS messages sent to your Protected Number will arrive on your phone. You can even send a reply (via our system) that ensures your personal phone number is not revealed.

How do I use my Protected Number to make a call?

If you need to call someone back and want to keep your number hidden, just call your Protected Number from your own phone and follow the instructions to make an outbound call.

What is the payment for that's leaving my bank account each month?

Our Number Protection service operates on an automatic monthly subscription payment. You can cancel your subscription at any time, but if you do your Protected Number will be disconnected.

You can change which payment card we take payment from on the 'My Payment Cards' page in the 'Billing' section of 'My Account'

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How do I cancel my Number Protection subscription payments?

Your Protected Number is linked to your missing pet report. So, if you close the report, the Protected Number will be automatically released and your subscription payments cancelled. You won't be billed any further for that Protected Number.

If you want to cancel your Protected Number but keep your report open, you can cancel your Protected Number from within My Account > My Numbers

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