We have been made aware of scam calls to owners of missing pets listed on Pets Reunited. Please be vigilant, these scam calls are often very convincing!

The caller claims to be from a vet, the RSCPA or a rescue centre informing owners they need to pay immediately as their beloved pet needs an operation. Or, sometimes they are asking for a small 'release fee' (around £5) in order for a pet to be released back to its owner.

Please do not be taken in by this, this is a scam.

Our advice

If you're unsure if this is a genuine call about your missing pet - take the name of the vet or rescue centre and google it, find the contact details yourself and then contact them directly. If they are genuine - they won't have a problem with this. Do not use the number the scammers offer you. Hang up the phone! If you're using a land line, make sure that they are not still on the line after you've hung up.