LOST CAT: Tortoishell cat called Aubrey - Torquay area, Devon

Name: Aubrey
Breed & Species: Domestic short-haired cat
Colour: Tortoishell
Went missing: 4 years ago
(27 May 2019 at around 22:00hrs)
Location: Shiphay Lane, Torquay, UK
Health: Healthy
Age: 6 years old
Sex: Spayed Female
Collar: No
Microchipped: Yes
Markings: Orange nose
Circumstances: Last seen Monday evening before we went to bed and didn’t see her at all Tuesday
Our ref: PR49417
Posted on: 31 May 2019
Posted by: sophieedgarsophieedgar
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Where Aubrey went missing:

Shiphay Lane, Torquay, UK

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Hello, sorry to hear Aubrey is awol. It's still early days, so check all outbuildings, including empty houses, and cellars nearby. ALWAYS take FURTHER LOOKS as some cats will hide in, or behind an object within, especially if timid. Check behind hedges/bushes too. Call her - night/early morning is best and listen intently - cats are also after birds at this time, so she may show up somewhere. Rattle some treats too. Place her UNWASHED blanket into a clean container, along with your scent too. Leave in the garden in a sheltered spot, or hang on the washing line if dry; used towels too. The hoover contents on the garden are a good (if a bit messy) idea - lots of your scent here! Wipe her scent on your garden fences, gates, doors too; anything leading up to the garden. Try a squeaky toy as it may attract her attention. Walk around the area, holding an object with her scent on, maybe dragging it, and rattle some cat treats in a box. Someone may be feeding her. (Common problem) When it is nightfall, and you are searching, use a strong torch, as the light will reflect a cats eyes. Poster around the area thoroughly and also post flyers through doors. Ask around, especially houses with children, as they can be very observant - maybe offer a little reward to the children. It is also common for cats to climb into DELIVERY VEHICLES. Was there one around your/a neighbour's house that day? Supermarket vehicle? Amazon deliveries/post office van? Ask all neighbours. You could contact all delivery companies. They usually use GPS these days and can say where the van went next, possibly the hop off point if your cat got into the van. If so, put notices/flyers around that area too. Put an advert in the local paper - I found a cat this way. You could also try a national paper or local radio. Are there any people on holiday nearby? Call through the letterbox of the empty house at a quiet time of day so you can hear any reply. Same applies to any houses for sale nearby. Maybe someone did a viewing and Aubrey crept in... just a thought. Hope Aubrey is home very soon. The microchip means you always have hope, don't give up. She's out there somewhere, you just have to narrow it down a little! You could also post her missing on doglost.co.uk - they have loads of people like me on the ground looking for all sorts of lost pets! Thinking of you

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