UK Coronavirus outbreak: We're still here and operational. Pets are still going missing and we're doing our best to help. Approval times for FREE listings may exceed the usual 48 hour maximum wait time and we're getting through them as quickly as possible. If you need your report out quickly, please select either a VIP or VIP Plus listing.

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How does this work?

When someone reports their pet missing to us, on of the things we do is send an email with a photo and description to everyone we have who lives within a certain distance of where the pet was reported missing. Usually this is within a mile or so, but sometimes you may receive alerts about pets that are a bit further away.

Then, if you happen to have any information that could help, you can simply leave a comment on the pet's report, or call the owner directly.

Will I receive a reward?

Possibly. Sometimes the owner of a missing pet will offer a reward for information leading to the safe return of their pet. Any reward that is offered is done so directly by the owner and not by We take no responsibilty for ensuring rewards are paid.

How do I stop receiving PetWatch™ Alerts?

If you decide that you don't want to receive our alerts anymore, you can unsubscribe using the link that we include at the bottom of each PetWatch™ Alert email we send you.

Also, if you move house, we include a link that allows you to update your postcode. We don't want to send you alerts that aren't relevant to where you live!