LOST CAT: Black and white cat called Goldie - Hammersmith area, Hammersmith & Fulham

Name: Goldie
Breed & Species: Domestic short-haired cat
Colour: Black and white
Went missing: about a month ago
(14 March 2021 at around 12:00hrs)
Location: Australia Road, White City, London, UK
Health: Healthy
Age: 9 years old (approx)
Sex: Spayed Female
Collar: No
Microchipped: No
Markings: She has green eyes, dark coloured paws and a white patch on the inner part of her neck, small grey hairs (pretty hard to see)
Circumstances: MISSING BLACK AND WHITE FEMALE CAT - GOLDIE STILL MISSING. My cat, Goldie is still missing. We were alerted to a post about a possible sighting of Goldie which was in the Flora Gardens estate area. I contacted them, about 6 months ago now and they told me I would be able to visit to see if the cat was Goldie. I have since been told that the cat was given to the gran and 'escaped out the lounge window' and has been seen around the White city estate area/mackay house estates and Australia Road. I haven't been able to get in contact with the person who put up the notice originally, so I am unsure if Goldie is still at large or not. She is most likely in the white city estate area/Mackay house and the Australia road, or the Flora Gardens Houses. It would be great if anyone could keep an eye out for her, as there has been multiple recent sightings. It would just be amazing to have her back again. She is very important to me. Goldie is approx 8 years old, microchipped and not wearing a collar. If anyone has seen her or know anyone who has, please contact 07464737103. Many thanks
Other info: Goldie is quite small for her age and looks quite young, she is approachable and won't be aggressive or timid if she is approached calmly. She is also quite thin.
Our ref: PR71723
Posted on: 24 March 2021
Posted by: bellas1001bellas1001
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Where Goldie went missing:

Australia Road, White City, London, UK

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