LOST CAT: Brown cat called Lilo - Ely area, Cambridgeshire

Name: Lilo
Breed & Species: Domestic long-haired cat
Colour: Brown
Went missing: 2 months ago
(23 December 2020 at around 11:00hrs)
Location: The Furrow, Littleport, Ely CB6 1GL, UK
Health: Healthy
Age: 8 months old
Sex: Female
Collar: Reflective, multi coloured stripes with a bell
Microchipped: No
Markings: Slight balder patch above her right eye, many dark brown stripes on her whole body
Circumstances: Let her out in the morning to go to the toilet, as usual, left the back window open all day for her so she could come back in when she pleased, didn’t come back for a few hours which was very unlike her, it was raining to assumed she’d seeked shelter, went outside to look for her at 3pm calling her and shaking her food, and no sign, again at 5pm, 7pm, 11pm and 2am and nothing. Continued every day since to look for her a few times daily including first thing in the morning and last thing at night.
Other info: Very fluffy, fluffy tail, meows a lot due to separation anxiety, brown eyes, dark brown long line down her “spine” as such, few dark brown spot like features in her fur on her back, white fur under her chin
Our ref: PR69180
Posted on: 26 December 2020
Posted by: jessiejjjessiejj
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Where Lilo went missing:

The Furrow, Littleport, Ely CB6 1GL, UK

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