LOST CAT: brown, orange, white cat called Lola - Barnsley area, South Yorkshire

Name: Lola
Breed & Species: Unknown cat
Colour: brown, orange, white
Went missing: over a year ago
(15 July 2019 at around 20:00hrs)
Location: Rock Street, Barnsley S70 2NX, UK
Health: Healthy
Age: 3 years old
Sex: Female
Collar: No
Microchipped: No
Circumstances: Lola is an outdoor cat and goes outside often, however, always comes back no later than midnight. She went outside on Monday evening as usual, but hasn't been seen since.
Other info: Lola is a tabby with mix of dark/light brown and orange fur and a bit of white fur on her belly, chest and paws. Light green eyes 1 year and 5 months old Quite small
Our ref: PR51329
Posted on: 19 July 2019
Posted by: TattaSykesTattaSykes
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Where Lola went missing:

Rock Street, Barnsley S70 2NX, UK

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We hope Lola is home soon! Our Marley went missing on 14th, he was locked inside a house 2 doors down, came home yesterday, so never give up hope. ??
Thank you so much! I'm glad you got your baby back! We've asked most of our neighbours already but there's till nothing. How did you find out Marley was locked in a house?
My husband had made leaflets and put posted them to every house we thought he might past through. A neighbour phoned Thursday night to say they'd been on holiday and was sure a cat had been inside as there was poo on their livingroom carpet, they don't own a cat. Yesterday about 6pm she found him hiding inside a wardrobe and tried to carry him home, he bolted at our gate and ran in the garden 3 doors up from us. I went out back and shouted and shouted and whistled until i heard his cry, he was under the car bless him. I can't even begin to describe what i felt. So don't give up hope. Have a look around to see if there's any vacant homes, look in windows to see if she's there. Go out late at night and whistle, if she's close you'll hear her. All i have done since last Sunday was sitting in the garden, shouting and whistling, all day and night, for if he was trapped in the undergrowth we have at the very back of our garden which we left to nature and wildlife to live. Couldn't believe that he was listening to us all that time but couldn't get out. We'd got posters along our fence ( we live on the same road as a school) the local shops, takeaways, and even at the bus stop. I was thinking of paying for a search and rescue but thankfully the leaflets we did went to a house he was in. We know exactly how you're feeling, we were so lost and heartbroken but we never gave up, i even prayed to have a robin come tell me he was ok and the next day there one came and sat by me!! She will be home *hugs*

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